Yuan-Shin Lee

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1EEYuan-Shin Lee, Tien-Chien Chang: 2-Phase approach to global tool interference avoidance in 5-axis machining. Computer-Aided Design 27(10): 715-729 (1995)

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1Kyungduck Cha [10]
2Tien-Chien Chang [1]
3Chuang-Jang Chiou [7] [9]
4John C. J. Chiou [16]
5Cha-Soo Jun [10]
6Bahattin Koc [5] [8]
7Susana K. Lai-Yuen [17]
8Peijun Lu [14]
9Yawei Ma [4] [8]
10Helmut Pottmann [11]
11Yongfu Ren [15]
12Hayong Shin [18]
13Daniel Wang [14]
14Yong Wang [14]
15Yuhui Wang [14]
16Il Lang Yi [18]
17Joung-Hahn Yoon [11]
18Yuru Zhang [14]
19Weihang Zhu [12] [13] [15]

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