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1 Youn-Hee Gil, Yongwha Chung, Dosung Ahn, Jihyun Moon, Hakil Kim: Performance Analysis of Smart Card-Based Fingerprint Recognition For Secure User Authentication. I3E 2001: 87-96

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1Dosung Ahn [1] [3]
2H. Choi [8]
3Yongwha Chung [1] [3]
4Stephen J. Elliott [13] [14] [15] [16]
5Youn-Hee Gil [1]
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7Anil K. Jain [11]
8Jihyeon Jang [13] [16] [17]
9Changlong Jin [15]
10Sungwook Joun [3] [5]
11Hyosup Kang [4] [6]
12Jaesung Kim [4] [6]
13Young-geun Kim [7]
14Bongku Lee [4] [6] [12]
15Shimon Modi [14]
16Jihyun Moon [1] [8] [12]
17Jungwoo Nam [10]
18Thi Hai Binh Nguyen [18]
19Van Huan Nguyen [18]
20Nohjun Park [10]
21Choonwoo Ryu [2] [5] [8] [9] [11] [12]
22Daecheol Shin [4] [6]
23Eunbong Yi [5]

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