Ioannis Karafyllidis

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1EEIoannis Karafyllidis, Ioannis Andreadis, Panagiotis Tzionas, Phillipos G. Tsalides, Adonios Thanailakis: A cellular automaton for the determination of the mean velocity of moving objects and its VLSI implementation. Pattern Recognition 29(4): 689-699 (1996)

Coauthor Index

1Ioannis Andreadis [1] [2] [9]
2N. Glykos [15]
3A. Ioannidis [3]
4D. Kafantaris [9]
5Michail E. Kiziroglou [7]
6V. Mardiris [13] [15]
7Ch. Mizas [13] [15]
8V. Raptis [10]
9R. Sandaltzopoulos [15]
10Georgios Ch. Sirakoulis [5] [6] [10] [13] [15]
11Dimitrios Soudris (D. J. Soudris) [4]
12Thanos Stouraitis [4]
13Adonios Thanailakis (Antonios Thanailakis) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [8] [10] [13]
14I. Thoidis [4]
15Phillipos Tsalides [2] [3] [10]
16Phillipos G. Tsalides [1]
17Ioannis Tsimperidis [8]
18Panagiotis Tzionas [1] [2]
19George T. Zardalidis [11] [12]

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