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16EEBrent ByungHoon Kang, Eric Chan-Tin, Christopher P. Lee, James Tyra, Hun Jeong Kang, Chris Nunnery, Zachariah Wadler, Greg Sinclair, Nicholas Hopper, David Dagon, Yongdae Kim: Towards complete node enumeration in a peer-to-peer botnet. ASIACCS 2009: 23-34
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1EEDavid Dagon, Xinzhou Qin, Guofei Gu, Wenke Lee, Julian B. Grizzard, John G. Levine, Henry L. Owen: HoneyStat: Local Worm Detection Using Honeypots. RAID 2004: 39-58

Coauthor Index

1Manos Antonakakis [14]
2Eric Chan-Tin [16]
3Robert Edmonds [10]
4Nick Feamster [13]
5Prahlad Fogla [6] [7] [9]
6Jonathon T. Giffin [3]
7Julian B. Grizzard [1]
8Guofei Gu [1] [2] [7] [9] [11] [12]
9Mitch Halpin [10]
10Nicholas Hopper [16]
11Somesh Jha [3]
12Tatuya Jinmei [14]
13Brent ByungHoon Kang [16]
14Hun Jeong Kang [16]
15Yongdae Kim [16]
16Christopher Lee [12]
17Christopher P. Lee [11] [16]
18Wenke Lee [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [14] [15]
19John G. Levine [1]
20Richard J. Lipton [4]
21Barton P. Miller [3]
22Collin Mulliner [8]
23Chris Nunnery [16]
24Henry L. Owen [1]
25Roberto Perdisci [6]
26Xinzhou Qin [1] [2]
27Anirudh Ramachandran [13]
28George F. Riley [2]
29Paul Royal [10]
30Monirul I. Sharif [2] [6]
31Greg Sinclair [16]
32Boris Skoric [7] [9]
33James Tyra [16]
34Giovanni Vigna [8]
35Paul Vixie [14]
36Zachariah Wadler [16]
37Cliff Wang [15]
38Cliff Changchun Zou [5]

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