Jacques Carette

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Coauthor Index

1Sergei A. Abramov [1]
2Christopher Kumar Anand [4] [16]
3Pulak Kumar Chowdhury [3]
4William M. Farmer [7] [14] [17]
5Keith O. Geddes [1]
6Ryszard Janicki [10]
7David J. Jeffrey [9]
8Xiaoheng Ji [8]
9Wolfram Kahl [4] [8]
10Oleg Kiselyov [5] [15]
11Alexandre Korobkine [16]
12Michael Kucera [12]
13Ha Q. Le [1]
14John McCutchan [16]
15Michael B. Monagan [9]
16Chung-chieh Shan [15]
17Spencer Smith [16]
18Volker Sorge [14]
19Wenqin Zhou [9]

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