Michael B. Monagan

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Coauthor Index

1Laurent Bernardin [10]
2Jacques Carette [23]
3Bruce W. Char [1]
4Robert M. Corless [8]
5Gregory J. Fee [1]
6Keith O. Geddes [1]
7Gaston H. Gonnet [1] [6]
8Mark van Hoeij [16] [17]
9Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Javadi [24]
10David J. Jeffrey [8] [23]
11Erich Kaltofen [12]
12Sara Khodadad [22]
13Jennifer de Kleine [20]
14Roger Margot [11]
15Gladys Monagan [9]
16Jamie Mulholland [15]
17Walter M. Neuenschwander [4]
18Roman Pearce [21] [25]
19 Pratibha [8]
20Dominique Villard [13]
21Allan D. Wittkopf [14] [20]
22Wenqin Zhou [23]

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