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25EEHidayet Ozgur Sanli, Hasan Çam: Joint Coverage Scheduling and Identity Management for Multiple-Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks. GLOBECOM 2008: 453-458
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23EEHidayet Ozgur Sanli, Hasan Cam: Event-Driven Coverage and Rate Allocation for Providing Miss-Ratio Assurances in Wireless Sensor Networks. GLOBECOM 2007: 1134-1138
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20EESuat Özdemir, Hasan Cam: Key establishment with source coding and reconciliation for wireless sensor networks. IPCCC 2006
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17EEHidayet Ozgur Sanli, Hasan Çam: Energy Efficient Differentiable Coverage Service Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks. PerCom Workshops 2005: 406-410
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11EEHasan Çam: List ranking on processor arrays. Journal of Systems and Software 55(2): 185-192 (2000)
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7EEHasan Çam: A header-population based flow control for multicomputer networks. Journal of Systems and Software 47(1): 19-26 (1999)
6 Hasan Çam: A congestion sense network interface. Computers and Their Applications 1998: 58-61
5EEHasan Cam: LAN-ATM Internetworking over a Priority-Based Slotted-Ring Network. LCN 1997: 54-63
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1 Hasan Cam, José A. B. Fortes: Fault-Tolerant Self-Routing Permutation Networks. ICPP (1) 1992: 243-247

Coauthor Index

1Mostafa H. Abd-El-Barr [10]
2Narasimha Challa [24]
3José A. B. Fortes [1] [2] [3] [8]
4Jin Wook Lee [21]
5Yann-Hang Lee [21]
6Willie W. Lu [15]
7Devasenapathy Muthuavinashiappan [18]
8Prashant Nair [18]
9Suat Özdemir [18] [20]
10Sadiq M. Sait [10]
11Hidayet Ozgur Sanli [17] [18] [19] [23] [25]
12Kiran K. Vadde [16]

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