The Representation and Deductive Retrieval of Complex Objects.

Carlo Zaniolo: The Representation and Deductive Retrieval of Complex Objects. VLDB 1985: 458-469
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The Relational Data Model and Relational Calculus are extended with Unification and non-recursive Horn Clauses from Logic. The benefits gained include better versatility and a richer functionality for expressing complex Jack, deductive queries and rule-based infer- ences. Applications include semantic data models for Databases, frames for Knowledge-based systems, and Complex Objects for CAD. An Extended Relational Algebra (ERA) is introduced that has the same expres- sive power as the new Calculus. The algorithm given for translating from Calculus to ERA supplies a sound basis for the compilation of these Horn clauses, and their implementation using query optimization and other techniques currently used in database systems.

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Alain Pirotte, Yannis Vassiliou (Eds.): VLDB'85, Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 21-23, 1985, Stockholm, Sweden. Morgan Kaufmann 1985
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