Microprocessor Based Modular Database Processors.

Esen A. Ozkarahan, Kemal Oflazer: Microprocessor Based Modular Database Processors. VLDB 1978: 300-311
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It is a well accepted fact that the introduction of LSI into computer hardware design has changed the design philosophy. With the LSI's being the basic building blocks of computer structures, it is now possible to achieve modular hardware which can be dynamic or reconfigurable under software guidance. As the database machines are evolving into a new architectural class exploiting cellular and associative features, it is now possible to realize their design in view of the new hardware constraints introduced by the LSI technology. Startinq with an existing static database machine design with utilizes a special purpose hardwired microprocessor, various ways of accomplishing a modular dynamic design with off-the-shelf microporocessors are being investigated. Trade-offs are discussed and the details of proposed architectural configurations are given. For each approach considered, the rationale for microprocessor applicability, along with requirements placed on microprocessor characteristics, are specified.

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S. Bing Yao (Ed.): Fourth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 13-15, 1978, West Berlin, Germany. IEEE Computer Society 1978
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