Update Logging for Persistent Programming Languages: A Comparative Performance Evaluation.

Antony L. Hosking, Eric W. Brown, J. Eliot B. Moss: Update Logging for Persistent Programming Languages: A Comparative Performance Evaluation. VLDB 1993: 429-440
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If persistent programming languages are to be accepted they must provide many of the standard features of traditional database systems, including resilience in the face of system failures in which the volatile database(in-memory databasebuffers) is lost. Ensuring the consistency of the database requires the generation of recovery information sufficient to restore the database to a consistent state after a crash. This paper examines a range of schemes for the efficient generation of recoveryinformation in persistent programming languages, and evaluates their relative performace within an implementation of Persistent Smalltalk.

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Rakesh Agrawal, Seán Baker, David A. Bell (Eds.): 19th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 24-27, 1993, Dublin, Ireland, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1993, ISBN 1-55860-152-X
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