The Microsoft Repository.

Philip A. Bernstein, Brian Harry, Paul Sanders, David Shutt, Jason Zander: The Microsoft Repository. VLDB 1997: 3-12
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The Microsoft Repository is an object-oriented repository that ships as a component of Visual Basic (Version 5.0). It includes a set of ActiveX interfaces that a developer can use to define information models, and a repository engine that is the under- lying storage mechanism for these information models. The repository engine sits on top of a SQL database system.

The repository is designed to meet the persistent storage needs of software tools. Its two main technical goals are:

This paper explains how the Repository attains these goals by providing an object-oriented database (OODB) architecture based on Microsoft's binary object model (COM) and type system of Visual Basic (Automation).

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Matthias Jarke, Michael J. Carey, Klaus R. Dittrich, Frederick H. Lochovsky, Pericles Loucopoulos, Manfred A. Jeusfeld (Eds.): VLDB'97, Proceedings of 23rd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 25-29, 1997, Athens, Greece. Morgan Kaufmann 1997, ISBN 1-55860-470-7
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