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STEP 2003: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

11th International Workshop on Software Technology and Engineering Practice (STEP 2003), 19-21 September 2003, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. IEEE Computer Society 2004, ISBN 0-7695-2218-1 BibTeX

Workshop 1: Defect Detection in Distributed Software Systems

Workshop 2: Where's the Evidence? The Role of Empirical Practices in Software Engineering

Workshop 3: Software Test and Reliability Estimation Process

Workshop 4: Software Development Methodologies for Distributed Systems

Workshop 5: Expected Level of Understanding of SWEBOK Topics

Workshop 6: Enterprise Application Integration

Workshop 7: eHealth Software Systems and Networks

Workshop 8: Software Analysis and Maintenance: Practices, Tools and Interoperability

Workshop 9: Interdisciplinary Software Engineering

Workshop 10: System Test and Validation

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