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INFOCOM 1989: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - Volume 2

Proceedings IEEE INFOCOM '89, The Conference on Computer Communications, Eigth Annual Joint Conference of the IEEE Computer and Communications Societies, Technology: Emerging or Converging? April 23-27, 1989, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. IEEE, 1989, ISBN 0-8186-1920-1, Volume 2

Session 4A: Time-Token Protocols

Session 4B: Database Systems and Network Management

Session 4D: Network Modeling and Design

Session 5A: Integrated Voice/Data Networks

Session 5B: Gateways/Bridges for Interconnection

Session 5C: Panel - User Access to Broadband ISDN: Full ATM or Otherwise?

Session 5D: Packet Radio Networks 1

Session 6B: Fast Packet Switching

Session 6C: Error Control and ARQ Techniques

Session 6D: Network Services

Session 7A: Network Architecture

Session 7B: Panel - Frame Relaying Service

Session 7C: Congestion Control

Session 7D: Load Sharing and Balancing

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