On the Semantics of the Entity-Relationship Data Model.

Y. Edmund Lien: On the Semantics of the Entity-Relationship Data Model. ER 1979: 155-168
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This paper proves the equivalence of two notions: that of navigational and existence semantics in the entity-relationship (ER) model, and that of multivalued dependency in the relational model. Navigational semantics are concerned with access to a database according to prescribed paths in the schema definition, and existence semantics give the dependency of one record on another record during database updates. When an ER database observes its existence dependencies, its access paths can be represented by a universal relation. Hence, data operations on an ER database can be interpreted in terms of relational operations on the corresponding universal relation. This paper gives the meanings of three operations, FIND, INSERT, and DELETE, in the contexts of both the ER model and the relational model. We also show that the universal relation corresponding to an ER database satisfies a set of multivalued dependencies, which can easily be recognized from the graphical representation of the schema.

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