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Digital Rights Management 2003

Eberhard Becker, Willms Buhse, Dirk Günnewig, Niels Rump (Eds.): Digital Rights Management - Technological, Economic, Legal and Political Aspects. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2770 Springer 2003, ISBN 3-540-40465-1 BibTeX

DRM as Interlocking Challenge for Different Scientific Disciplines: Introduction

Digital Rights Management: Technological Aspects

Definition, Aspects, and Overview

Requirements for DRM Systems

Components of DRM Systems

A Sample DRM System

DRM and Standardization - Can DRM Be Standardized?

Trusted Platforms, DRM, and Beyond

DRM Under Attack: Weaknesses in Existing Systems

If Piracy Is the Problem, Is DRM the Answer?

Digital Rights Management: Economic Aspects

The Basic Economic Theory of Copying

Facing the Music: Value-Driven Electronic Markets, Networks and Value Webs in Economic Integration of Digital Products

Creating a Framework for Business Models for Digital Content - Mobile Music as Case Study

Impacts of DRM on Internet Based Innovation

Evaluating Consumer Acceptance for Protected Digital Content

Lessons from Content-for-Free Distribution Channels

Standardization in DRM - Trends and Recommendations

The Darknet and the Future of Content Protection

Digital Rights Management: Legal and Political Aspects

Protection of Digital Content and DRM Technologies in the USA

Protection of Digital Content and DRM Technologies in the European Union

Protection of Digital Content - Germany

Copyright Dilemma: Access Right as a Postmodern Symbol of Copyright Deconstruction?

Business, Technology, and Law - Interrelations of Three Scientific Perspectives on DRM

The Present and Future of DRM - Musings on Emerging Legal Problems

Getting Insights: DRM Conferences 2000 and 2002

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