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7. CSFW 1994: Franconia, New Hampshire, USA

Seventh IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop - CSFW'94, Franconia, New Hampshire, USA, 14-16 June 1994, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society, ISBN 0-8186-6230-1

Non-Interference and Composability

Formal Methods and Semantics


Panel on "The General Write-Up Problem"

Panelists: John P. McDermott (NRL), Rashan K. Thomas (GMU), Ira S. Moskowitz (NRL), and Oliver Costich (NRL)

Cryptographic Protocol Analysis

Security Policies

Access Control

Panel on "Reconsidering the Role of the Reference Monitor"

Panelists: Daniel F. Sterne (moderator), Leonard J. LaPadula (MITRE), Ravi S. Sandhu (GMU), Carl E. Landwehr (NRL), and Glenn S. Benson

Protocol Security

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