Hierarchical File Organization and Its Application to Similar-String Matching.

Tetsuro Ito, Makoto Kizawa: Hierarchical File Organization and Its Application to Similar-String Matching. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 8(3): 410-433(1983)
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The automatic correction of misspelled inputs is discussed from a viewpoint of similar-string matching. First a hierarchical file organization based on a linear ordering of records is presented for retrieving records highly similar to any input query. Then the spelling problem is attacked by constructing a hierarchical file for a set of strings in a dictionary of English words. The spelling correction steps proceed as follows: (1) find one of the best-match strings which are most similar to a query, (2) expand the search area for obtaining the good-match strings, and (3) interrupt the file search as soon as the required string is displayed. Computational experiments verify the performance of the proposed methods for similar-string matching under the UNIX time-sharing system.

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