Efficient Dissemination of Information on the Internet.

Tak W. Yan, Hector Garcia-Molina: Efficient Dissemination of Information on the Internet. IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 19(3): 48-54(1996)
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An information dissemination server accepts long-term queries that represent user interests, collects new documents from underlying sources, matches the documents against the queries, and continuously updates the users with relevant information. In this paper we describe the SIFT (Stanford Information Filtering Tool) dissemination server, which was implemented at Stanford and is now operated commercially by InReference. SIFT disseminates USENET Netnews as well as other articles. As of April 1996, the server had more than 18,400 users world-wide, processing over 80,000 articles against some 40,100 standing queries daily. While the server was implemented and evaluated, we investigated techniques for efficient dissemination, including query processing, removal of duplicate information, and distributed information dissemination. In this paper we describe the problems addressed and some of the solutions we developed.

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