Integrating INQUERY with an RDBMS to Support Text Retrieval.

S. R. Vasanthakumar, James P. Callan, W. Bruce Croft: Integrating INQUERY with an RDBMS to Support Text Retrieval. IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 19(1): 24-33(1996)
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Information is a combination of structured data and unstructured data. Traditionally, relational database management systems (RDBMS) have been designed to handle structured data. IR systems can handle text (unstructured data) very well but are not designed to handle structured data. With present day information being a combination of structured and unstructured data, there is an increasing demand for an IR-DBMS system that incorporates features of both IR and DBMSs. We discuss a framework that incorporates powerful text retrieval in relational database management systems. An extended SQL with probabilistic operators for text retrieval is defined. This paper also discusses an implementation of the probabilistic operators in SQL.

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Data Engineering Bulletin March 1996: Integrating Text Retrieval and Databases (Eliot Moss, ed.)
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