Implementation of the Flex Transaction Model.

Omran A. Bukhres, Ahmed K. Elmagarmid, eva Kühn: Implementation of the Flex Transaction Model. IEEE Data Eng. Bull. 16(2): 28-32(1993)
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A multidatabase system integrates pre-existing and heterogeneous databases in a distributed environment. A multidatabase transaction is a consistent and reliable execution of an application over a multidatabase system. In this article, we first summarize the characteristics of flexible transactions, then present two multidatabase transaction specification languages for workflow applications, the InterBase Parallel language (IPL) and InterSQL. Both languages provide approaches to the definition and mangement of a unit of work. Design issues, components, and examples of both languages are described. The implementation of IPL and InterSQL is also discussed.

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Data Engineering Bulletin June 1993: Workflow and Extended Transaction Systems (Meichun Hsu, ed.)
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