Laurent Romary

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18EELaurent Romary: Questions & Answers for TEI Newcomers CoRR abs/0812.3563: (2008)
17EELaurent Romary: OA@MPS - a colourful view CoRR abs/0707.2886: (2007)
16EELaurent Romary, Nancy Ide: International Standard for a Linguistic Annotation Framework CoRR abs/0707.3269: (2007)
15EELaurent Romary, Nancy Ide, Adam Kilgarriff: A Formal Model of Dictionary Structure and Content CoRR abs/0707.3270: (2007)
14EEFrédéric Landragin, Alexandre Denis, Annalisa Ricci, Laurent Romary: Multimodal Meaning Representation for Generic Dialogue Systems Architectures CoRR abs/cs/0703091: (2007)
13EEMajid Khayari, Stéphane Schneider, Isabelle Kramer, Laurent Romary: Unification of multi-lingual scientific terminological resources using the ISO 16642 standard. The TermSciences initiative CoRR abs/cs/0604027: (2006)
12EEPeter Wittenburg, Daan Broeder, Wolfgang Klein, Stephen Levinson, Laurent Romary: Foundations of Modern Language Resource Archives CoRR abs/cs/0606006: (2006)
11EESusanne Salmon-Alt, Laurent Romary, Jean-Marie Pierrel: Un modèle générique d'organisation de corpus en ligne: application à la FReeBank CoRR abs/cs/0611026: (2006)
10 Satyendra Gupta, Samuel Cruz-Lara, Laurent Romary: Implementing Multilingual Information Framework in Applications Using Textual Display. ICEIS 2005: 172-175
9 Samuel Cruz-Lara, Satyendra Gupta, Laurent Romary: Handling Multilingual Content in Digital Media: The Multilingual Information Framework. EWIMT 2004
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2 Dan Cristea, Nancy Ide, Laurent Romary: Veins Theory: A Model of Global Discourse Cohesion and Coherence. COLING-ACL 1998: 281-285
1 Nadia Bellalem, Laurent Romary: Structural Analysis of Co-verbal Deictic Gesture in Multimodal Dialogue Systems. Gesture Workshop 1996: 141-153

Coauthor Index

1Antonella De Angeli [4] [5]
2Dalila Bekhouche [7]
3Nadia Bellalem [1] [8]
4Daan Broeder [12]
5Dan Cristea [2]
6Samuel Cruz-Lara [9] [10]
7Alexandre Denis [14]
8Walter Gerbino [4]
9Satyendra Gupta [9] [10]
10Nancy Ide [2] [6] [15] [16]
11Majid Khayari [13]
12Adam Kilgarriff [15]
13Wolfgang Klein [12]
14Isabelle Kramer [13]
15Frédéric Landragin [8] [14]
16Stephen Levinson [12]
17Jean-Marie Pierrel [11]
18Annalisa Ricci [14]
19Susanne Salmon-Alt [11]
20Stéphane Schneider [13]
21Amalia Todirascu [7]
22Peter Wittenburg [12]
23Frederic Wolff [3] [4] [5]

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