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1EERuss B. Altman, Alfonso Valencia, Satoru Miyano, Shoba Ranganathan: Challenges for Intelligent Systems in Biology. IEEE Intelligent Systems 16(6): 14-20 (2001)

Coauthor Index

1Russ B. Altman [1]
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4Durgaprasad Bollina [10] [11]
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12Stefan Gregory [12]
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14Lesheng Kong [5] [7]
15Bernett T. K. Lee [2] [6] [8] [10] [11]
16Bernett Teck Kwong Lee [5]
17Johann Lenffer [12]
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24Arjun Rao [12]
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26Joo Chuan Tong [5] [13] [16] [19]
27Alfonso Valencia [1]
28Lawrence J. K. Wee [18]
29Guanglan Zhang [13]

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