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1Peter Brössler [23]
2Stefan U. Hänßgen [28]
3Ernst A. Heinz [5]
4Daniel J. Hutzel [31] [33]
5Christian Krämer [7] [14]
6Paul Lukowicz [5]
7Guido Malpohl [26]
8Matthias Müller [17]
9Jürg Nievergelt [1]
10Christopher Oezbek [36]
11Michael Philippsen [15] [26] [27] [29]
12Ralf Reussner (Ralf H. Reussner) [17]
13Peter Sanders [17]
14Walter F. Tichy [5] [9] [15] [16] [23] [27] [29]
15Rainer Typke [25]
16Barbara Unger-Lamprecht (Barbara Unger) [18] [22] [23] [27] [29]
17Lawrence G. Votta [23]
18Thomas M. Warschko [15]
19Ingo Wegener [1]
20Laurie A. Williams (Laurie Williams) [35]

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