Christian Jacquemin

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1Rami Ajaj [29] [31]
2Didier Bourigault [17]
3Matthieu Courgeon [34]
4Béatrice Daille [23]
5Cécile Fabre [21]
6Xianyong Fang [32]
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8Helka Folch [25] [27]
9Brigitte Grau [16] [19] [22]
10Martine Hurault-Plantet [19] [22]
11Gabriel Illouz [16] [19] [22]
12Michèle Jardino [24]
13Brian Katz [28]
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15Serge de Laubier [26]
16Paule Lecuyer [19]
17Jean-Claude Martin [28] [34]
18Nicolas Masson [16] [19]
19Aurélien Max [28]
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28Evelyne Tzoukermann [13] [14]
29Frédéric Vernier [32]
30Christophe d'Alessandro [28]

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