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Coauthor Index

1Anastasia Analyti [5]
2Alberto Anguita [28]
3Grigoris Antoniou [17]
4Nick Bassiliades (N. Bassiliades) [17]
5Chryssoyla Bekiari [9]
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12Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen [23]
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14Vassilis Christophides [4]
15Cristian Cocos [27] [28] [29]
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17Nicholas Crofts [7]
18Ramez Elmasri [30]
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23Hyoil Han [20] [23] [30]
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28Dolores Iorizzo [24]
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31Traugott Koch [8]
32Haridimos Kondylakis [28]
33Carl Lagoze [10]
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35Patrick LeBoeuf [22]
36Chia-Hung Lin [26]
37Irene Lourdi [19]
38Victor Maojo [28]
39Luis Martín [27] [28]
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66Eric S. K. Yu [23]
67Esteban Zimányi [23]

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