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Coauthor Index

1Álvaro Enrique Arenas (Alvaro E. Arenas, Alvaro Arenas) [14]
2Roberto Barbera [15]
3Steve Barker [24]
4Artur Binczewski [13] [15]
5Mauro Campanella [13]
6Peter Clarke [13]
7P. Clipsham [2]
8Jason Crampton [24]
9Theodosis Dimitrakos [14]
10Dilwyn Edwards [5] [7]
11Pablo Giambiagi [14]
12Jean-Paul le Guigner [13]
13Ted Hanss [13] [15]
14Philip Inglesant [23]
15Janne Kanner [15]
16Brian Knight [5] [7] [8] [9] [18] [21]
17J. Knight [2]
18Diego R. López [13]
19Emil C. Lupu (Emil Lupu) [14] [24]
20Olivier Martin [15]
21Kevin Meynell [15]
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23Martin S. Olivier [11]
24Michael Purser [19]
25Kamalasen Rajalingham [3] [5] [7] [8] [9] [18] [21]
26Victor Reijs [13] [15]
27Bob Roberts [14]
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29Pierangela Samarati [11]
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31Martina Angela Sasse [23]
32Thomas C. Schmidt [15]
33Eleanor Sharpston [11]
34Lei Lei Shi [23]
35Rodney E. Sue [22]
36Arne Sundström [15]
37Adomas Svirskas [14]
38Bhavani M. Thuraisingham [11] [24]
39Nilufer Tuptuk [14]
40Klaas Wierenga [13] [15]
41Steve Williams [13] [15]
42Michael D. Wilson [14]

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