Separability - An Approach to Physical Data Base Design.

Kyu-Young Whang, Gio Wiederhold, Daniel Sagalowicz: Separability - An Approach to Physical Data Base Design. VLDB 1981: 320-332
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A theoretical approach to the optimal design of a large multifile physical databases is presented. The design algorithm is based on the theory that given a set of join methods that satisfy a certain property called separability, the problem of optimal assignment of access structures to the whole database can be reduced to the subproblem of optimizing individual relations independently of one another. Coupling factors are defined to represent all the interactions among the relations. This approach not only reduces the complexity of the problem significantly, but also provides a better understanding of underlying mechanisms.

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Very Large Data Bases, 7th International Conference, September 9-11, 1981, Cannes, France, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 1981
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