A Micro-DBMS for a Distributed Data Base.

P. D. Ting, Dennis Tsichritzis: A Micro-DBMS for a Distributed Data Base. VLDB 1978: 200-206
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Recent and foreseeable advances in the technologies of microprocessors and computer communications imply the viability of a new architecture for Data Base Management Systems which should develop into an attractive tool for many applications of distributed systems. The key aspect of this architecture is the data base server, a possibly portable microcomputer enabling remote access to and use of a subsidiary data base which is "refreshed" at intervals by communication with a central data-base system. The practicality of this arrangement depends upon achieving reasonable capability in the microcomputer. We describe a micro-DBMS called UNITY whose characteristics, as tested in one application of a working system, already approach those needed for use in certain applications. The command structure, hardware vehicle, and performance of UNITY are discussed, together with plans for current and future improvements.

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S. Bing Yao (Ed.): Fourth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 13-15, 1978, West Berlin, Germany. IEEE Computer Society 1978
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