Dependency Inference.

Heikki Mannila, Kari-Jouko Räihä: Dependency Inference. VLDB 1987: 155-158
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The problem of generating a cover for the set of functional dependencies that hold in a given relation is studied. The problem is an instance of the general problem of concept learning. It has applications e.g. in relational database design and in query optimization. A straightforward solution algorithm is shown to require exponential time for all inputs. We show that for some relations this time requirement is unavoidable, i.e., there are small relations where an exponential number of nontrivial dependencies hold. However, such relations are rare in practice. An algorithm is then developed that works efficiently with respect to the size of its input and its output.

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Peter M. Stocker, William Kent, Peter Hammersley (Eds.): VLDB'87, Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 1-4, 1987, Brighton, England. Morgan Kaufmann 1987, ISBN 0-934613-46-X
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