Distributed Transaction Management in Jasmin.

Ming-Yee Lai, W. Kevin Wilkinson: Distributed Transaction Management in Jasmin. VLDB 1984: 466-470
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In this paper, we describe the architecture of JASMIN, a functionally distributed database machine which uses replicated software modules (DM, RM, IS) to achieve high degrees of throughput. We discuss some issues in distributing data and metadata in JASMIN. We describe our distributed multiversion validation technique along with the two phase commit protocol which we use to achieve concurrency control and crash recovery for data and metadata. The scheme also solves the version consistency problem in the multiprocessor environment.

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Umeshwar Dayal, Gunter Schlageter, Lim Huat Seng (Eds.): Tenth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 27-31, 1984, Singapore, Proceedings. Morgan Kaufmann 1984, ISBN 0-934613-16-8
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