Algorithms for Mining Distance-Based Outliers in Large Datasets.

Edwin M. Knorr, Raymond T. Ng: Algorithms for Mining Distance-Based Outliers in Large Datasets. VLDB 1998: 392-403
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This paper deals with finding outliers (exceptions) in large, multidimensional datasets. The identification of outliers can lead to the discovery of truly unexpected knowledge in areas such as electronic commerce, credit card fraud, and even the analysis of performance statistics of professional athletes. Existing methods that we have seen for finding outliers in large datasets can only deal efficiently with two dimensions/attributes of a dataset. Here, we study the notion of DB- (Distance- Based) outliers. While we provide formal and empirical evidence showing the usefulness of DB-outliers, we focus on the development of algorithms for computingsuch outliers.

First, we present two simple algorithms, both having a complexity of O(k N2), k being the dimensionality and N being the number of objects in the dataset. These algorithms readily support datasets with many more than two attributes. Second, we present an optimized cell-based algorithm that has a complexitythat is linear wrt N, but exponential wrt k. Third, for datasets that are mainly disk-resident, we present another version of the cell-based algorithm that guarantees at most 3 passes over a dataset. We provide experimental results showing that these cell- based algorithms are by far the best for k <=4.

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Ashish Gupta, Oded Shmueli, Jennifer Widom (Eds.): VLDB'98, Proceedings of 24rd International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 24-27, 1998, New York City, New York, USA. Morgan Kaufmann 1998, ISBN 1-55860-566-5
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