Estimation of the Number of Tuples Satisfying a Query Expressed in Predicate Calculus Language.

Robert Demolombe: Estimation of the Number of Tuples Satisfying a Query Expressed in Predicate Calculus Language. VLDB 1980: 55-63
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We present a statistic model which allows us to estimate the cardinality of queries and sub-queries expressed in Predicate Calculus language. In a first step, we deal with expressions formed only with an AND operator with n operands. We show how we can estimate recursively the cardinality of an expression with n operands in function of an expression of n-l operands. The formulae giving the cardinalities are calculated under several hypotheses concerning the independence of criteria which determine sub-expressions, and those which define the relations. The parameters which must be known are : the cardinalities of the relations and of their projections on each argument; the probability for an element in the intersection of several projections of relations to be in a given projection of a relation (these parameters are called inter-relation quantified dependencies); the probability that several components of a tuple of a relation are equal; and the probability that the constants which appear in a query belong to the corresponding projections of the relations. In a second step, we extend the method to general expressions including the operators NOT and OR. Finally, we discuss the feasibility of the method.

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Sixth International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, October 1-3, 1980, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Proceedings. IEEE Computer Society 1980
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