Selective Deferred Index Maintenance & Concurrency Control in Integrated Information Systems.

Peter Dadam, Vincent Y. Lum, U. Prädel, Gunter Schlageter: Selective Deferred Index Maintenance & Concurrency Control in Integrated Information Systems. VLDB 1985: 142-150
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New applications of database management systems as in office automation and engineering require the system to process both textual and formatted data. To support text search appropriately, text indexes must be created and on-line text index maintenance be provided. Un- fortunately, text index maintenance is generally a time-consuming task and does not fit well in an on-line environment, where short transaction processing times are usually required. In this paper we discuss how the time for those transactions, which cause text index up- dates, can be shortened by integrating a dedicated predicate-oriented concurrency control method and a selective deferred index update strategy. We also show some practical implementation techniques and some aspects of their performances.

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Alain Pirotte, Yannis Vassiliou (Eds.): VLDB'85, Proceedings of 11th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, August 21-23, 1985, Stockholm, Sweden. Morgan Kaufmann 1985
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