MOBY: An Architecture for Distributed Expert Database Systems.

Jonathan Bein, Roger King: MOBY: An Architecture for Distributed Expert Database Systems. VLDB 1987: 13-20
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In this paper, we consider MOBY, a distributed architecture to support the development of expert database systems in a rule based language. It combines standard indexing and horizontal data partitioning techniques with a rule based interpreter to achieve the reasonable performance. The major difficulty in developing this architecture is to maintain a high effective parallelism as the number of processors increases. Analytic results suggest that when data is reasonably well balanced across a local area network, MOBY has a high effective parallelism. Simulation results support this claim by showing that the effective parallelismis proportional to 40% of the number of processors. A discussion of some crucial issues in our current network based implementation is also given.

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Peter M. Stocker, William Kent, Peter Hammersley (Eds.): VLDB'87, Proceedings of 13th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases, September 1-4, 1987, Brighton, England. Morgan Kaufmann 1987, ISBN 0-934613-46-X
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