Dynamic Constraints and Database Evolution.

Victor Vianu: Dynamic Constraints and Database Evolution. PODS 1983: 389-399
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A simple extension of the relational model is introduced to study the effects of dynamic constraints on database evolution. Both static and dynamic constraints are used in conjunction with this "dynamic" extension of the relational model. The static constraints considered here are functional dependencies (fd's). The dynamic constraints involve global updates and are restricted to certain analogs of fd's, called "dynamic" fd's. The results concern the interaction between the static and dynamic constraints. The effect of the past history of the database on the static constraints is investigated using the notions of age and age-closure. The connection between the static constraints and the future evolution of the database is described through the notions of survivability and survivability-closure.

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Proceedings of the Second ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, March 21-23, 1983, Colony Square Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. ACM 1983, ISBN 0-89791-097-4
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