Attributed Grammars for Query Language Translations.

Chandra M. R. Kintala: Attributed Grammars for Query Language Translations. PODS 1983: 137-148
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Systems which translate queries written using a high-level conceptual model of a database into sequences of commands based on another model of the database are studied here. We take the view that these translators are similar to, albeit simpler than, the compilers for programming languages. Motivated by the recent interest in describing all the aspects of a compiler by an attributed grammar, we specify the formal syntax and semantics of two working database translators using attributed grammars. All the precise details about the parsing, the code optimization and the rules for preserving the query semantics are captured by those grammars. It is hoped that this approach brings the understanding of query languages closer to that of programming languages, and opens the possibility of applying the emerging technology of semantics-directed compiler construction to build query language translator-generators and to prove those translators correct.

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Proceedings of the Second ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, March 21-23, 1983, Colony Square Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia. ACM 1983, ISBN 0-89791-097-4
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