Why a Single Parallelization Strategy in not Enough in Knowledge Bases.

Simona Rabinovici-Cohen, Ouri Wolfson: Why a Single Parallelization Strategy in not Enough in Knowledge Bases. PODS 1989: 200-216
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We argue that the appropriate parallelization strategy for logic-program evaluation depends on the program being evaluated. Therefore, this paper is concerned with the issues of program-classification, and parallelization- strategies. We propose five parallelization strategies that differ based on the following criteria. Their evaluation cost, the overhead of communication and synchronization among processors, and the programs to which they are applicable. In particular, we start our study with pure-parallelization, i.e., parallelization without overhead. An interesting class-structure of logic programs is demonstrated, when considering amenability to pure-parallelization. The relationship to the NC complexity class is discussed. Then we propose strategies that do incur an overhead, but are optimal in a sense that will be precisely defined.

This paper makes the initial steps towards a theory of parallel logic-programming.

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Proceedings of the Eighth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD-SIGART Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, March 29-31, 1989, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ACM Press 1989, ISBN 0-89791-308-6
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