Efficient Query Answering in the Representative Instance Approach.

Paolo Atzeni, Edward P. F. Chan: Efficient Query Answering in the Representative Instance Approach. PODS 1985: 181-188
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Given a database state, the representative instance is a relation over the universe of attributes, possibly containing nulls, satisfying the given constraints. The representative instance approach is one of the most popular for query answering in universal relation interfaces for database systems. Also, it can be used, for each relation in the database, when the relations are stored in some decomposed way, for example for the sake of normalization.

In both cases, when answering a query involving a set of attributes X, the computation of the X-total projection of the representative instance is needed. A brute force computation of the X-total projections is not feasible in general, because it would involve the whole database. We propose a class of project-join expressions, called simple chase join expressions, as an efficient means to compute the total projections when functional dependencies over an independent scheme are given as constraints. In fact, we show that for any X, the X-total projection can be computed as a union of simple chase join expressions, and that this union can be generated efficiently. Also, we study the optimization process for unions of chase join expressions, finding a simple and efficient algorithm that minimizes the number of join operations in them.

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Proceedings of the Fourth ACM SIGACT-SIGMOD Symposium on Principles of Database Systems, March 25-27, 1985, Portland, Oregon. ACM 1985, ISBN 0-89791-153-9
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