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SIGMOD Logo Renderings

This logo, designed by Jun Yang of Stanford University, was the winning entry in a contest for a new SIGMOD logo held in 1998.

From this web page you can download renderings of the ACM SIGMOD logo in different sizes and formats. You may use the ACM SIGMOD logo provided that:

  • You use one of the official logo available at
  • You do not modify them in any way.
  • They are used to decorate you personal academically oriented web page (the page should be hosted at your institution).
  • They are used to decorate a conference (or similar event) page which is being held in-cooperation with ACM SIGMOD or is being formally supported/sponsored by ACM SIGMOD. In this case, you need to either wait until formal approval is secured or add the expression "(pending)".
  • The logo must link to
  • Any other use does require explicit permission from one of the ACM SIGMOD officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, or Treasurer).

8-bit color GIF:
800x256, 600x192, 500x160, 400x128, 300x96, 200x64, 100x32 (anti-aliased for white background).
800x256, 600x192, 500x160, 400x128, 300x96, 200x64, 100x32 (anti-aliased for Netscape's default background (R=192, G=192, B=192)).

8-bit grey-scale GIF:
800x256, 600x192, 500x160, 400x128, 300x96, 200x64, 100x32 (anti-aliased for white background).

8-bit blue-scale GIF:
800x256, 600x192, 500x160, 400x128, 300x96, 200x64, 100x32 (anti-aliased for white background).
Note: All GIF's are interlaced and transparent. Each one has been anti-aliased for a particular background color, and therefore might look bad on other background colors.

24-bit color TIF:
800x256, 600x192, 500x160, 400x128, 300x96, 200x64, 100x32.

Encapsulated PostScript (.eps):
color, blue.
Note: The EPS's can be included in LaTeX files and scaled to any size. They can be printed directly on a PostScript printer, color or monochrome. On a monochrome printer, colors will appear as different shades.

300dpi files:

Miscellaneous files:
background --- 200x64 8-bit grey-scale GIF. An embossed logo intended for background. The image is interlaced, but of course not transparent. Only four colors are used.

ACM logo (96x95 8-bit color GIF), included here for completeness.

Drawing and image editing was done using the CorelDRAW 8 package, academic version. The text font in the logo is Aardvark Bold by Gerard Bernor, downloaded from Font Freak. PostScript was generated by Mayura Draw 3.1.

All files accessible from this page are also available in this directory or as a single .tar.gz file. In the directory you can also find the CorelDRAW 8 files (.cdr) that I used to create the logo, plus other goodies. Please read the file README for an explanation of the directory structure.

Last modified: Mon Aug 14 16:33:12 PDT 2000
Jun Yang /

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