A New Normal Form for the Design of Relational Database Schemata.

Carlo Zaniolo: A New Normal Form for the Design of Relational Database Schemata. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 7(3): 489-499(1982)
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This paper addresses the problem of database schema design in the framework of the relational data model and functional dependencies. It suggests that both Third Normal Form (3NF) and Boyce-Codd Normal Form (BCNF) supply an inadequate basis for relational schema design. The main problem with 3NF is that it is too forgiving and does not enforce the separation principle as strictly as it should. On the other hand, BCNF is incompatible with the principle of representation and prone to computational complexity. Thus a new normal form, which lies between these two and captures the salient qualities of both is proposed. The new normal form is stricter than 3NF, but it is still compatible with the representation principle. First a simpler definition of 3NF is derived, and the analogy of this new definition to the definition of BCNF is noted. This analogy is used to derive the new normal form. Finally, it is proved that Bernstein's algorithm for schema design synthesizes schemata that are already in the new normal form.

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