On Estimating the Cardinality of the Projection of a Database Relation.

Rafiul Ahad, K. V. Bapa Rao, Dennis McLeod: On Estimating the Cardinality of the Projection of a Database Relation. ACM Trans. Database Syst. 14(1): 28-40(1989)
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We present an analytical formula for estimating the cardinality of the projection on certain attributes of a subset of a relation in a relational database. This formula takes into account a priori knowledge of the semantics of the real-world objects and relationships that the database is intended to represent. Experimental testing of the formula shows that it has an acceptably low percentage error, and that its worst-case error is smaller than the best-known formula. Furthermore, the formula presented here has the advantage that it does not require a scan of the relation.

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