Carlos A. Velasco

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Coauthor Index

1Julio Abascal [2]
2Argyris Arnellos [2] [3]
3M. Arrue-Recondo [2]
4Juan Manuel Belda [9]
5Stefan Carmien [23]
6Sylvia Damm [8]
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8John Darzentas [2]
9Dimitar Denev [20] [21]
10Jan Engelen [10] [16] [22]
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12Henrike Gappa [4] [6] [9] [17] [18]
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21Sion Morris [21]
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26Rafael Romero [10]
27Reinhard Ruemer [22]
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34Holger Tebarth [8]
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40Gerhard Weber [12]
41Kurt Weimann [12]

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