Marvin D. Troutt

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1EEMarvin D. Troutt, Subhasis Datta: Using nonlinear regression procedures for approximate function optimization. Computers & OR 15(4): 353-356 (1988)

Coauthor Index

1William Acar [12]
2Siddhartha Bhattacharyya [7] [10]
3Alan A. Brandyberry [14] [16] [18]
4Chi Kin Chan [8]
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11Jens Liegle [15]
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13Peter Meso [15]
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16Murali S. Shanker [13]
17Changsoo Sohn [14] [18]
18Haidong Song [6]
19Suresh K. Tadisina [2] [3] [14] [18]
20Bosco Wing-Tong Yu [17]
21Aimao Zhang [4] [5]

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