Paul E. Summers

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Coauthor Index

1Antonio Arbona [12]
2David Atkinson [2] [3]
3Siegfried Benkner [12]
4Abhir Bhalerao [6]
5Philippe Bijlenga [12]
6Peter Boesiger [10]
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10Alessandro Chiarini [12]
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13Robert Dunlop [12]
14Claire L. Emery [1]
15Gerhard Engelbrecht [12]
16Jochen Fingberg [12]
17Alejandro F. Frangi [12]
18Christoph M. Friedrich [12]
19Michael J. Gleeson [1]
20Peer Hasselmeyer [12]
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37Piotr Orlowski [11]
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39Dimos Poulikakos [10]
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41Hariharan Rajasekaran [12]
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43Daniel Rueckert [4]
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45Michaela Soellinger [10]
46Peter N. R. Stoyle [2] [3]
47Colin Studholme [4]
48Yiannis Ventikos [10] [11]
49Rory Walsh [1]

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