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12EEBalaji Krishnapuram, Jonathan Stoeckel, Vikas C. Raykar, R. Bharat Rao, Philippe Bamberger, Eli Ratner, Nicolas Merlet, Inna Stainvas, Menahem Abramov, Alexandra Manevitch: Multiple-Instance Learning Improves CAD Detection of Masses in Digital Mammography. Digital Mammography / IWDM 2008: 350-357
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9EEGlenn Fung, Balaji Krishnapuram, Nicolas Merlet, Eli Ratner, Philippe Bamberger, Jonathan Stoeckel, R. Bharat Rao: Addressing Image Variability While Learning Classifiers for Detecting Clusters of Micro-calcifications. Digital Mammography / IWDM 2006: 84-91
8EEJonathan Stoeckel, Glenn Fung: SVM Feature Selection for Classification of SPECT Images of Alzheimer's Disease Using Spatial Information. ICDM 2005: 410-417
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6 Pascal Cathier, Senthil Periaswamy, Anna K. Jerebko, Murat Dundar, J. Liang, Glenn Fung, Jonathan Stoeckel, T. Venkata, R. Amara, Arun Krishnan, R. Bharat Rao, Alok Gupta, E. Vega, Shaked Laks, A. Megibow, Michael Macari, Luca Bogoni: CAD for polyp detection: an invaluable tool to meet the increasing need for colon-cancer screening. CARS 2004: 978-982
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2EEJonathan Stoeckel, Frans Vos, P. H. Vos, Albert M. Vossepoel: An Evaluation of Ridge Extraction Methods for Portal Imaging. ICPR 2000: 3433-3436
1 Frans Vos, Jonathan Stoeckel, P. H. Vos, Albert M. Vossepoel: Evaluation of an Automatic System for Simulator/Portal Image Matching. MICCAI 2000: 442-451

Coauthor Index

1Nicole Abinanti [7]
2Menahem Abramov [12]
3R. Amara [6]
4Nicholas Ayache [3] [4] [5]
5Philippe Bamberger [9] [12]
6Luca Bogoni [6]
7Pascal Cathier [6] [11]
8Jacques Darcourt [3] [5]
9Murat Dundar [6]
10Klaus P. Ebmeier [5]
11Glenn Fung [6] [8] [9] [10]
12Alok Gupta [6]
13Eric A. Hoffman [11]
14Anna K. Jerebko [6]
15Jane P. Ko [7]
16Pierre Malick Koulibaly [3] [5]
17Arun Krishnan [6]
18Balaji Krishnapuram [9] [12]
19Shaked Laks [6]
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22Michael Macari [6]
23Grégoire Malandain [3] [4] [5]
24Alexandra Manevitch [12]
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26A. Megibow [6]
27Nicolas Merlet [9] [12]
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29William Moore [7]
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32Carol L. Novak [7]
33Senthil Periaswamy [6]
34R. Bharat Rao [6] [9] [12]
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36Vikas C. Raykar [12]
37David Rey [4]
38Philippe Robert [3]
39Milan Sonka [11]
40Inna Stainvas [12]
41E. Vega [6]
42T. Venkata [6]
43Ioannis Vlahos [7]
44Frans Vos [1] [2]
45P. H. Vos [1] [2]
46Albert M. Vossepoel [1] [2]
47Matthias Wolf [11]
48Xiangwei Zhang [11]

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