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19EEHridesh Rajan, Jia Tao, Steve M. Shaner, Gary T. Leavens: Tisa: A Language Design and Modular Verification Technique for Temporal Policies in Web Services. ESOP 2009: 333-347
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1EEHridesh Rajan: Effects of Applying Mobility Localization on Source Routing Algorithms for Mobile Ad Hoc Network. ISCC 2003: 39-44

Coauthor Index

1Christoph Bockisch [16]
2Yuanfang Cai [6] [8]
3Robert Dyer [11] [16] [18]
4William G. Griswold [6] [8]
5Youssef Hanna [9] [15]
6Michael Haupt [16]
7Mahantesh Hosamani [13]
8Gary T. Leavens [17] [19]
9Juri Memmert [10]
10Mira Mezini [14]
11Harish Narayanappa [11] [13]
12Steve M. Shaner [19]
13Macneil Shonle [6] [8]
14Yuanyuan Song [6] [8]
15Kevin J. Sullivan [2] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
16Jia Tao [19]
17Nishit Tewari [6] [8]
18Jia Xu [4]
19Wensheng Zhang [15]

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