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22EEJosé Espírito Santo, Ralph Matthes, Luis Pinto: Continuation-Passing Style and Strong Normalisation for Intuitionistic Sequent Calculi CoRR abs/0903.1822: (2009)
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4 Ralph Matthes: Characterizing Strongly Normalizing Terms of a Calculus with Generalized Applications via Intersection Types. ICALP Satellite Workshops 2000: 339-354
3 Felix Joachimski, Ralph Matthes: Standardization and Confluence for a Lambda Calculus with Generalized Applications. RTA 2000: 141-155
2 Ralph Matthes: Monotone (co)inductive types and positive fixed-point types. ITA 33(4/5): 309-328 (1999)
1 Ralph Matthes: Monotone Fixed-Point Types and Strong Normalization. CSL 1998: 298-312

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1Andreas Abel [8] [11] [13] [14]
2Felix Joachimski [3] [10]
3Luis Pinto [18] [22]
4José Espírito Santo [18] [22]
5Sergei Soloviev [19]
6Martin Strecker [17]
7Tarmo Uustalu [9] [11] [12] [14]

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