Glenn K. Manacher

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1EEGlenn K. Manacher: Production and Stabilization of Real-Time Task Schedules. J. ACM 14(3): 439-465 (1967)

Coauthor Index

1Srinivasa Rao Arikati [13]
2Mikhail J. Atallah [10]
3Tien D. Bui (T. D. Bui) [11]
4Raymond Greenlaw [16]
5Y. Daniel Liang [15] [16]
6T. Mai [11]
7Terrance A. Mankus [12] [14] [17] [18]
8C. Pandu Rangan (Chanrasekharan Pandu Rangan) [13]
9Carol Joan Smith [12]
10Jorge Urrutia [10]
11Albert L. Zobrist [8]

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