Jaroslav Koca

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12EEZuzana Jirousková, Radka Svobodová Vareková, Jakub Vanek, Jaroslav Koca: Software news and updates electronegativity equalization method: Parameterization and validation for organic molecules using the Merz-Kollman-Singh charge distribution scheme. Journal of Computational Chemistry 30(7): 1174-1178 (2009)
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9EEJaroslav Koca, Chang-Guo Zhan, Robert C. Rittenhouse, Rick L. Ornstein: Coordination number of zinc ions in the phosphotriesterase active site by molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics. Journal of Computational Chemistry 24(3): 368-378 (2003)
8 Martin Prokop, Jirí Damborský, Jaroslav Koca: TRITON: in silico construction of protein mutants and prediction of their activities. Bioinformatics 16(9): 845-846 (2000)
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1EELudek Matyska, Jaroslav Koca: MAPOS: a computer program for organic synthesis design based on synthon model of organic chemistry. Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences 31(3): 380-386 (1991)

Coauthor Index

1Jan Adam [11]
2Martin Cernohorský [5] [7]
3Jirí Damborský [4] [6] [8]
4Anne Imberty [3]
5Zuzana Jirousková [12]
6Sofiane Kettou [7]
7Zdenek Kríz [11]
8Michal Kutý [4] [5] [6]
9Ludek Matyska [1] [2]
10Miroslav Nemec [4]
11Rick L. Ornstein [9]
12Serge Pérez [3]
13Martin Prokop [6] [8] [11]
14Robert C. Rittenhouse [9]
15Jakub Vanek [12]
16Radka Svobodová Vareková [10] [12]
17Michaela Wimmerová [11]
18Chang-Guo Zhan [9]

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