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18EEOri Shental, Ido Kanter: Shannon Meets Carnot: Mutual Information Via Thermodynamics CoRR abs/0806.3133: (2008)
17EEIdo Kanter, Ori Shental, Hadar Efraim, Nadav Yacov: Carnot in the Information Age: Discrete Symmetric Channels CoRR abs/0807.4322: (2008)
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14EEOri Shental, Ido Kanter: Optimum Asymptotic Multiuser Efficiency of Pseudo-Orthogonal Randomly Spread CDMA CoRR abs/cs/0604083: (2006)
13EENadav Yacov, Hadar Efraim, Haggai Kfir, Ido Kanter, Ori Shental: Parallel vs. Sequential Belief Propagation Decoding of LDPC Codes over GF(q) and Markov Sources CoRR abs/cs/0605069: (2006)
12EEIdo Kanter, Haggai Kfir, Brenda Malkiel, Miriam Shlesinger: Identifying universals of text translation. Journal of Quantitative Linguistics 13(1): 35-43 (2006)
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3 Avner Priel, Ido Kanter, David A. Kessler: Analytical Study of the Interplay between Architecture and Predictability. NIPS 1997
2EEMarcelo Blatt, Eytan Domany, Ido Kanter: On the equivalence of two-layered perceptrons with binary neurons. Int. J. Neural Syst. 6(3): 225-231 (1995)
1EEYann LeCun, Ido Kanter, Sara A. Solla: Second Order Properties of Error Surfaces. NIPS 1990: 918-924

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1Michael Aizenman [6] [7]
2Marcelo Blatt [2]
3Eytan Domany [2] [6] [7] [10] [11]
4Hadar Efraim [13] [17]
5Noam Gross [15]
6David A. Kessler [3]
7Haggai Kfir [12] [13]
8Lev Khaykovich [15]
9Wolfgang Kinzel [5] [15]
10Einat Klein [5] [15]
11Evi Kopelowitz [15]
12Yann LeCun [1]
13Brenda Malkiel [12]
14Rachel Mislovaty [5]
15Avner Priel [3] [4]
16Michael Rosenbluh [15]
17Andreas Ruttor [5]
18Shlomo Shamai [16]
19Noam Shental [16]
20Ori Shental [8] [9] [13] [14] [16] [17] [18]
21Miriam Shlesinger [12]
22Sara A. Solla [1]
23Anthony J. Weiss [8] [9] [16]
24Yair Weiss [16]
25Nadav Yacov [13] [17]
26Or Zuk [6] [7] [10] [11]

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